Graduation Checks

The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law has developed ‘Graduation Check Sheets’ as a guide outlining the courses required for you to meet the requirements of your BEL program or BEL component of a dual program.  These sheets allow you to tick off the courses you have successfully passed whilst enrolled in your program (including credit from previous UQ study or through a credit transfer from another institution).  If you wish to have the non-BEL component of your dual program checked, please consult the relevant Faculty.

These sheets are to be used as a self-check GUIDE, and therefore students are responsible for ensuring that they have complied with the rules relating to their program and have completed sufficient units to meet graduation requirements.  Program planning advice is not binding on the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law or The University of Queensland.  

To view your program requirements, rules, and course lists, please visit the courses and programs website. Please make sure you view the information relevant to your year of program commencement.

How to do your Graduation Check
  1. Print your studies report via mySI-net
  2. Print your program graduation check sheet from the list below
  3. Use your studies report to tick off courses completed on the graduation check sheet as per the steps below.
  4. If needed refer to the Courses and Programs website for your course list, program requirements and program rules
  5. Make sure your details are correct and up-to-date on mySI-net:

a.    major/s are declared (if applicable)
b.    expected graduation semester (please note that summer semester is NOT a graduating semester)
c.    phone and addresses (should we need to contact you)

Note: Any change to your course enrolment/s after completing a graduation check will make that graduation check out-of-date and may alter your eligibility to graduate. Please make sure you update your graduation check sheet should your course enrolment/s change.

How to read and complete your Graduation Check Sheet

Your graduation check sheet is designed as follows:

  • Page 1 – outlines the requirements to complete your program. The bold boxes identify each section that you must complete.
  • Page 2 & onwards – outlines the courses that comprise the major/s (if applicable to your program). 
  • Notes page – outlines specific notes for your individual program.


Step Action Restrictions
1. Cross out on your mySI-net studies report all courses for which you may have failed, withdrawn from, or not yet completed. This will ensure you do not accidently count them towards your completion. Courses to cross out are those with grades of W, K, X, INC, IP, N, 1, 2, 3, 2S3, 3S3, SP. Please refer to your notes page regarding grades of 3.
Identify any courses specifically listed in text or transferred to you as credit from previous study at UQ or through credit transfer from another institution. These will need to be taken into consideration when checking off each requirement of your graduation check sheet.  
2. Read through your entire graduation check sheet, including the notes page to identify any program variations and/or restrictions that may apply to you.  
3. Page 1 -
Tick off all the compulsory courses that you have completed.
4. Page 2 -
Tick off all the courses that you have completed towards your declared major/s (if applicable). Check that the courses have met the specified requirements for that particular major/s. (These courses must also fit within the requirements specified on page 1 in order to be eligible for that major.)
Please note that:
  • some majors contain compulsory courses
  • some majors are compulsory in particular programs
  • some majors are not available in particular programs
Page 1 -
For each course you ticked in the major/s from page 2, write them into the requirements on page 1. If the courses have met the specified requirements for that particular major/s, are at the correct course level, then tick them off.
Please be aware of your course level restrictions ie. 1,2,3.
5. Page 1-
Write in all the courses that you have completed towards the electives and/or general electives (if applicable). Please make sure that your electives have been taken from the correct Group or Part of your program course list, then tick them off.
Please be aware of your course level restrictions ie. 1,2,3,5.
6. Page 1 -
Identify the courses for which you have not placed a tick beside. These are the courses remaining to complete the requirements for your program.
7. Look up in mySI-net the offerings for your remaining courses. Plan which courses to study in the following semesters, ensuring you have met the pre-requisites etc.  

Appointments will not be made for students who only want a graduation check.

To have your self-check verified by a Student Experience Officer, you may either email your completed graduation check to your Student Experience Officer or submit your completed graduation check sheet and studies report to the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law Collaborative Learning Centre (level 1, Colin Clark Building 39). 

You will be sent an email to your student email account verifying or correcting the details.

Graduation Check Sheets

Your graduation check sheet is dated to indicate the year of your program commencement.

If you commenced your program prior to the dates specified, please contact the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law for assistance.


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